Country View Pet Lodge

Country View Pet Lodge offers a safe and modern environment for your pet to stay while you are away.


Reservations are required for your pet to be boarded at the lodge. Due to how busy we are, we recommend you make them well in advance of your stay. We take great pride in being able to accommodate people and their pets when we have openings. If your plans change, notice should be given 48 hours prior to your pet’s arrival or departure, so another client can utilize our boarding services.


Boarding charges are calculated similar to how we book our own hotels; you are charged for a full day on the day your pet is checked in, our check out time is between 7 am and 1 pm. You are more than welcome to still pick up your pet after 1 pm, however, you will be charged for another days board. Only if your pet is being groomed on the day of their departure are you not charged for picking up after 1 pm. Grooming arrangements should to be made in advance when making your dogs boarding reservation to assure no scheduling conflicts.

We charge based on kennel space, NOT by breed or size of dog.

  • Daily Occupancy $25.00 / pet
  • Daily Multiple Occupancy $23.00 / pet
  • Daycare: Daily Occupancy $23.00 / pet

Cats and small animals

  • Daily Occupancy $18.00 / pet

After Hour Services, Check-In or Check-Out

2 specific times for afterhours arrangements:

Morning is between 7 – 9 am afternoon is between 3 – 5 pm.
(Arrangements must be made in advance with reservation)

$35.00 plus that day’s boarding charge


Diabetic pets: $7 per injection

Extra Exercise: $5 per day//weather permitting//highly suggested for younger dogs or dogs with A LOT of energy.

Frozen Kong: If owners provide OWN kong $3 per day (kong stuffers provided), $5 per day if we provide the kong.

Slow feeder dishes: 1-3 nights $5, over 4 nights $10. Highly suggested for dogs that like to inhale their food. Multiple benefits with feeding your dog from a slow feeder bowl, such as:

  • Slowing the ingestion of their food
  • Preventing the risk of choking
  • Preventing vomiting and other gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Providing mental stimulation

Homemade dog treats: During the summer we offer frozen fruit treats and during cooler months we have homemade baked dog treats. $3 per treat $8 for half dozen or $16 for a dozen.

You are more than welcome to bring anything from home that you think would make your pet feel more at home. If they have a favorite blanket/bed, toys or treats. You do not need to worry about food dishes those will be provided, we also have bedding here so we have something we can put down for your pet as well. It is HIGHLY suggested that you bring your pets own food that they are used to getting at home. It is best to keep them on their same diet to eliminate the risk of loose stool from switching brands. We do provide food if you do not bring any.