Country View Pet Lodge
Are you able to give my dog medication?

Yes, we are able to give your dog medication as long as we are provided with correct instructions.

Will you give my dog his raw food diet?

Yes, we have storage available in our refridgerator & freezer.

What vaccinations does my dog need to board with you?

They need to be up to date on Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies

What do i need to bring for my dog when boarding?

You should bring anything from home that you think would make your dog more comfortable during their stay. We also provide bedding if needed.

Is your kennel climate controlled?

Yes, our kennel is climate controlled.

How many times do you let the dogs out?

Dogs are constantly being rotated through out the day. Weather permitting, dogs do have access to an outside patio.

Can I come to see the kennel before I bring my dog?

Yes, we highly suggest you visit our facilities before bringing your dog.

Can I bring treats and toys for my dog?

Yes, you may send your pets favorite snack or toy along.

Can I bring my dog's crate?

This depends on the size of the dog. For small dogs, you may bring your crate.

Can dogs from the same family stay together or be next to each other?


Should I bring my dog's food bowls?

No, bowls are provided so that nothing gets broken or mixed up with anyone else’s. 

Does my dog have access to an indoor/outdoor run?

Yes, however during winter months, dogs are locked in the inside portion.

What times can I drop off or pick up my dog?

Drop off weekdays: 7 am – 4:50 pm
Saturdays: 7 am – 1 pm

Pick up time is between 7 am and 1 pm unless your dog is being groomed that day. If you pick up after 1 pm without a grooming appointment, you will be charged for another day.

Can I go to the kennel area when dropping off my dog?

It is preferred that you visit the kennel before your reservation.

Do I need to bring a litter box and litter for my cat?

No, cat litter and litter boxes are provided.

What do I need to bring along when boarding a small pet?

Small pet needs vary on the type of animal.  The staff at Country View will discuss needed items when reservations are made.