Country View Pet Lodge

Country View Pet Lodge’s spacious accommodations are designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. Our “single sized” 5-foot by 4-foot indoor rooms are brightly painted and naturally lighted with skylights. We also have 5×5 indoor rooms that are big enough to house 2 larger dogs. In the summer the lodge is air conditioned when needed.

Our floors are heated so everyone stays toasty during the winter time. There are solid partitions between each room so our guests can have their privacy. Each room has an adjoining 4-foot by 14-foot outdoor exercise covered patio. The outdoor patios also have privacy panels between guests.

When the weather is nice their patio doors are left open and they have the choice to be inside or outside as they please. Our furry guests are walked out to our spacious grass yards multiple times a day for their one-on-one time with us as well as going potty and making friends with the dogs in the next play yard. We do keep dogs separate out here for safety reasons (unless the pets are from the same home).

It is highly recommended (especially in the warmer months) to have your dog on a type of flea/tick preventive, we do take precautions with our location being out in the country. Every pet is checked for fleas upon arrival, if fleas are present on your pet upon arrival your pet will have a medicated bath right away before going out to boarding area, which will be an added charge to your bill.

The first time your pet stays with us we ask that you bring a record of its vaccinations. It is the responsibility of the pet owner, to provide updated vaccination records as needed.  Dogs are required to have updated vaccinations for Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella (canine cough). Cats are required to have updated vaccinations for feline distemper and rabies.

Country View Pet Lodge strives to maintain a perfect environment for your pet. If external parasites (fleas, tics, etc.) are found your pet is bathed with an insecticide shampoo and you will be charged for a pre-entry flea bath.